There is hope for literacy in the world

Poetry has not died. It lives on, stubborn and grasping for its place in a world where art has too often been shoved to the side by commercialism. And it has planted seeds in those most innocent–our children. Through boys and girls like this wondrous three-year-old, it will grow and blossom far surpassing in effect any bestseller.

Originally posted 2010-08-22 16:02:37.

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5 thoughts on “There is hope for literacy in the world

    • I know. I doubt there are many high school age kids who could recite those lines with such intonation and apparent understanding. (I say “apparent” because, unless he truly is a genius, I have the feeling he has the gift of mimicry like my son.)

  1. That is truly amazing. It was obviously not coached since he played with the toys the whole time. I agree that his understanding is probably less than it seems, but to memorize that long of a piece without really understanding all of the words is even more amazing.

    • If you go on YouTube, you can see a similar video in which he recites another poem (while dressed up in a Superman costume). Yes, he is “Superpoet!”

  2. Amazing! I think what I loved most was how messy the house was behind them. It tells me where the mom spends her time. And makes me feel better about how I spend mine!

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