NYC Photos

The following are photos I took while in New York City, following in the footsteps of Daphne, my main character in A NIGHT ON MOON HILL (I’m not the best photographer and was only using my iPhone, but you can click on each picture for a larger view):

A view of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Jason with Peace Fountain in the background. See the giraffe behind the angel?

One of the small quotes posted all around the fountain, this one by Confucius

More shots of Peace Fountain

And this one to show I was really there

A side view of the entryway to the cathedral

Can you tell I’m a sucker for cathedrals? Unlike Daphne, I went inside.

On our way to Daphne’s first book signing location – BookCulture

It’s hard to tell with the scaffolding, but this is the Hungarian Pastry Shop nearby

And, finally, Daphne’s favorite bookstore – Three Lives & Company

Probably because it was so small there was hardly any room for customers :)

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2 thoughts on “NYC Photos

    • You’re welcome, Terry! I put the rest of my NYC pics (unrelated to Daphne) on FB. My husband finally read it when it came out on Kindle and said afterward, “Now I understand why we went to those places.”

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