I’ve Emerged From the Fog of Querying

No, I haven’t taken a Digital Sabbatical, but I should. In fact, I’m going to blog about that tomorrow over at ANWA Founder & Friends.

My exciting news is that I’ve begun my third novel and it’s set in Beirut, Lebanon. It’s the story of an American teenager trying to hold her family together as the capital collapses into civil war. Since I graduated from high school there (ACS – the American Community School) at about that time and was, indeed, on hand in 1975 when things began to get dicey, I can draw on my own memories as well as my imagination (because, yes, this is fiction…not my family).

As you know, however, from an earlier posting…my memory is rather unreliable. Thank goodness my mom kept a family log all those years we lived overseas. So what did I just do last week? I took advantage of Allegiant Air’s new direct cheap flight between here and LAX and flew down there for 10 days of fun and research. The day before I left, I gathered my parents, my younger brother, and one of my younger sisters and started shooting questions at them. Every now and then I’d have to interrupt all their cross talk (after all, my dad’s got a hearing problem and he’d usually start telling me something in the middle of one of my brother’s responses). My sister found the whole process hilarious. But at least I came away with some great notes…AND the family logs for 1974-77.

It may have cost me $20 to check an extra suitcase on the return flight (these journals are big, thick, and heavy), but it will prove invaluable in the end. And the time with family? Priceless!

Originally posted 2010-08-05 17:13:52.

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7 thoughts on “I’ve Emerged From the Fog of Querying

  1. It was great to have you home again and since you’ve moved up to Washington State we don’t see enough of you and your wonderful family. It was also with a little reluctance letting you borrow those three logs from the group. But if it turns out a “great novel” ….. well worth it. Keep writing, Tanya YOUR MOM

  2. That’s great Mom! I didn’t know that was going to be the inspiration for your third novel; I thought it was going to be about nuns. Apparently I haven’t been paying attention. So when I call you next I want you to tell me all about the trip to California and what you learned. I am sorry I talk so much about myself, that I hardly know what my own mom is doing. I will be better with that. I love you!

    • Yes, I realized I’m not ready to write that other story yet. I’ll fill you in on all the trip details next time we talk.

  3. Sounds like a worthwhile trip. Can’t wait to hear how your next story comes together!

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