I’m no Sally Field, but…

I don’t know how many of you were even watching the Oscars back in 1984 when Sally Field, upon winning her second statuette, couldn’t help herself and blurted out “…you like me, right now you like me…”

It was a moment that either touched you or made you squirm, depending on your reading of 1) her sincerity or 2) her “uncoolness.” I mean, it’s not cool to draw attention to yourself, is it?

But that’s what we’re asked to do today as authors. Writers (with the exceptions of Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal) are usually shy, retiring types, content to hide behind the written word. (I know I am, anyway.) They want their writing to be discovered, not themselves. But these days we have to get out there and meet and greet people, introduce ourselves online, in bookstores, libraries, even at the local Costco or Walmart.

We can no longer hide behind our characters or make do with an interview here or there. We have to share our souls, as well as our faces, on our websites, blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, our Amazon Author Page, you name it. It seems as if ten new online sites spring up every week, trying to convince you that if you don’t register with them, you’ll be left behind in cyberspace.

And after going through the initiation into Google Friend Connect, may I just say that now I fully understand the sentiment Ms. Field tried to convey years ago. Thank you to all those who joined my site.

I tried to look up Google Friend Connect etiquette, wondering if I was supposed to respond individually to each of you whose faces now share that little box with mine. I couldn’t find anything about it. (However, I did come across a goldmine of a post regarding the etiquette of socializing on Twitter…Heard of socialoomph.com? More about that tomorrow.)

So, if I’ve messed up somehow by not separately contacting each of you, please let me know (email would be a lot less humiliating than a comment below) and I will. But, for now, thank you all. Everybody wants to have friends, to be liked. Sally Field understood that. And I do, too.

Originally posted 2010-05-18 14:57:28.

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8 thoughts on “I’m no Sally Field, but…

  1. Wonderful sentiments Tanya! And how true it is that the author becomes the focus as much as their writing. Perhaps it’s because some want to know how much of the work is influenced by the author’s personal life and how much by sheer imagination. I know that’s the case for me at times. Scary though I know to have people taking such a careful look at you. Take heart though Tanya, they’ll only find the best in you! Writing and otherwise!

    • Thanks, Karen. Still nerve-wracking though. And in this age of 24-hour news with multiple opportunities to market yourself in the media, looks have become more important than ever…particularly for female authors!

    • Christine, you don’t have a thing to worry about given your winning personality. People meet you and within ten minutes they feel like you’re a good friend and they want to buy your books. You should bottle it!

  2. Your site looks great, Tanya. I’m not an official follower because I don’t ‘do’ Google, but I’ll be sure to check in. Are you still continuing your blog, or are you morphing it into your website?

    • Thanks, Wendy. I am continuing my blog, but I’m hoping to somehow add a link to it up where all the different Pages are listed on my website…so that if you click on “Seized by Words” next to say, “News/Events,” for example…you’ll be taken directly to the blog, because I hate to lose all the content I’ve already posted there. I’m going to need a real computer geek to help me with that, though, because I think it’s going to require a knowledge of HTML code (which I don’t have).

      I want to continue that blog for all my book reviews, literary musings, and highlighting of beautiful writing by others. This blog on the Home page of my website will cover practically everything else like personal challenges, writing routines, status reports on books and works in progress, marketing, and publishing. Once I start doing interviews, I’ll probably put Author’s Interviews on the other blog, but I’m not sure. If I happen to snag any agent/publishing insider interviews, they’ll go on my website. But that’s looking a LONG way down the road.

  3. Love the post. I keep thinking – I’m a writer for a reason – and it’s not to show off my non-fashion statement clothes or shoes or hair-do!

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