Beware Self-Doubt in Query Phase

I’m in that foggy phase of writing–I’ve seen my child off into the wide world (I’d say wide, wide world except I haven’t yet queried most of the agents I’ve selected) and am having trouble letting go of it in order to turn around and conceive another. It’s as if Laps is out there wandering in the mist and I’m trying to get a fix on her, keep track of her progress…but the fog gets in the way.

During this phase, it’s important to redouble my goals and not succumb to self-doubt. One day I will get an agent and be published, I am sure. Of course, I’m more sure of that when my baby is closer at hand (as in, I’m in the middle of writing it). Once it’s out there, I have to fend off the little devil in my mind that says, “Forget about all this hassle. Stay in full control and self-publish. Let your audience find you.” I have named this little devil “Spam”–an acronym for Self Publishing Argument Monster.

Thanks to Publishers Weekly, and particularly author Zoe Winters, the following video has helped drive away Spam today:

Originally posted 2010-07-14 15:26:51.

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9 thoughts on “Beware Self-Doubt in Query Phase

  1. I loved that. I am thinking good thoughts for your baby to find the right agent.

    • Thanks. Got to send out a bunch more queries this weekend. In this market, you HAVE to hedge your bets.

  2. Loved it! I hope you don’t mind that I’m stealing it and putting it on my blog. Meanwhile, keep your chin up and your self-doubts silent — you’re an awesome writer, and that agent is right around the corner.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. And please feel free to post the video on your blog. I’m sure Zoe will be grateful!

  3. Love your own personal meaning for SPAM. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind once I start querying in earnest.

    • Thanks. It’s not that I don’t think there isn’t a place for self-publishing. It’s just that too many writers (myself included) don’t give the query process enough time and effort.

  4. I didn’t get to watch this until today. I’ve been chained to the computer, working with Christine on the screenplay for Counting the Cost.

    This clip was a hoot! I particularly loved the line, “How can you not want to write another query letter?”

    We’ll make it. Just have to keep on keepin’ on.

    • I know, you’ve been writing like mad! You’re “The Madwoman of Sedro Woolley!” Glad I could provide a laugh or two. Oh, and I sent off another query 2 days ago. I’m waiting till September to send a batch more.

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