Baghdad Photos

A view of the city with the Tigris River in 1965

Martyr's Square in Downtown Baghdad (1965)

Typical palm tree, heavy with dates

Liberation Monument up close in Martyr's Square

My parents, little brother and friends at Ctesiphon

My parents in traditional dress at Ctesiphon

My parents with Iraqi Artist Faiq Hassan

My family in 1963 (I'm third from right)

Our school in Baghdad (I'm near the bottom to the right of the sign)

Close-up of school shot (I'm in the middle)

My sister and I on the swings with Dad

My Second Grade class (I'm at the bottom, second from right)

My sisters and I (Mom loved dressing us all alike!)

Me at age 9

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13 thoughts on “Baghdad Photos

    • Really? Actually, whenever anyone meets any of us Parker kids, they know we’re related. Something about the eyes, I think. We all kind of look like her (though my younger brother is really looking like Dad did when he was younger). My sister, Jamie, however ( the one just younger than me) really is beginning to take on some of her mannerisms. It’s really funny.

  1. Hi Tanya
    It was great to meet you yesterday. Congratulations on the success of your book and best wishes for your future.


    • Thanks so much, Linda. It was wonderful to meet you too! We got home about 45 minutes ago and are wiped out from the drive, so I hope I’m remembering you correctly…the Librarian who’d rather live in another state, right? If I’m wrong, just chalk it up to my exhaustion. But if I’m right, I really enjoyed both your poem and essay and was sorry to have to leave right at 9 without saying a proper goodbye. Let’s stay in touch.

  2. Tanya,
    I don’t remember seeing these before. Brings back a lot memories from when we were kids. All those places described verbally, but now pictures to see! Thanks! (Yes, a bit like your mom — first I’d noticed it, too)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them, Bob. Lots of great memories. There are a lot more pictures and maybe one of these days I’ll have time to post more.

    • I’m glad you like the photos. I was a child when we lived in Baghdad. My dad worked for a non-profit educational organization there from 1960 to 1965…pre-Saddam. It was a very happy time for us.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Abel Hassan. I am the son of Faiq Hassan. I now live in New York.
    I remember your parents. We used to go to the desert on weekends. You had a huge house in Bagdad. We may have played together. My father passed away in 1992, but my mother is still alive and living in France. She often talks about your parents when you father was ambassador in Bagdad.

    I would love to communicate with you. Please email me.

    Best regards,

    Abel Hassan

    • Hello Abel,

      Thanks for contacting me. I will be seeingy parents this weekend and I’ll email you for sure. Unfortunately, my father’s health is failing but I’m sure he’ll be interested in hearing about you and your mother.


  4. Excuse my bad English , but I would ask you if you have written your Baghdad memories somewhere, and if you allow me to put some of your photos in my blog.
    Yours faithfully Sabah AL NASSERY:

    • I haven’t yet written my memoirs, but I included several different childhood memories from Baghdad in my fictional novel, THE RECKONING, available for sale on Amazon. With a couple of exceptions, the memories are in italics in the book.

      Yes, I give you my permission to post some of my photos on your blog.

      Thanks for asking!

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