“Moleskine Mondays” – “L” is for Library Suspense

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I LOVE personal libraries for reading suspense or any other type of book. I also happen to love modern architecture, and the Schönberg Residence in Charlotte, NC, designed by Toby Witte and Jahan Nourbakhsh for Dialect Design, just happens to wed the two in an eye-popping manner. Check out this “climbing library.”

Built in 2010, the house certainly stands out in its tree-lined neighborhood, but you can tell from a few different pictures that books mean a lot to this family with three young daughters, aged 4, 7, and 11. I can easily picture a child climbing one step, pulling out a book or two, and settling down to read. Then, upon finishing the books, putting them back (at least any mother would hope they’d pop them back into their shelf before moving on) and climbing up another step or two to settle on cushions and read some more.

Here are two more pictures:

See the red box with the picture window that juts out from the house? That’s the adult reading corner, I believe (whose shelves you get a better view of in the picture just above this one). You can see the kids’ climbing library opposite.

Here’s the designer’s sketch of that whole wall in bas relief:

And here are some closeups of the bookshelves set right into the walls in a way that almost makes them seem portable:

All the photographs are by Armando Bellmas for ArchDaily. As their own review put it:

The “boxes within boxes” construction of recessed shelves reveals shadow lines that seemingly float the shelves inside the library walls…The sheer presence of the climbing library has enriched residential life for the Schönbergs. The family’s emotional center has shifted to the environs of the library while the treasures of their international lives have an ideal place to reside.”

I wasn’t at all surprised to find this house had been “liked” for Facebook by more than half a million viewers, including my brother, David Parker, who is an architect.

Hmmm. He likes it, I like it…and he’s an architect…

Can you guess what I’m thinking?

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